Privacy Policy 隱私權政策聲明

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為保護您的隱私權,在此公開透明蒐集和使用您個人資訊的方式,以保障你個人隱私資料之資訊安全。本隱私權政策聲明適用於 黃景威 所有應用程式(以下簡稱本 App)。請您詳閱下列內容,並請注意,本隱私權政策聲明會不定時變更,修正後的條款將刊登於網站上,提供您隨時查閱。

隱私權保護政策內容,包括本 App 如何處理在您使用本 App 服務時收集到的個人識別資料。隱私權保護政策不適用於本 App 以外的相關連結網站、使用的第三方軟體套件,也不適用於非本 App 所委託或參與管理的人員。

本 App 並未蒐集及記錄任何個人資料。

本 App 有使用第三方套件用於統計分析及播放廣告(例如但不限於 Google Firebase、Google Analytics、Unity Analytics 及 Google AdMob),該套件所蒐集的資料,不適用本 App 的隱私權保護政策,請參考該套件的隱私權政策聲明。

本 App 提供的其他網站連結,該連結網站不適用本 App 的隱私權保護政策,請參考該連結網站中的隱私權保護政策。

This page informs you of our policies regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of personal data when you use my App. This Privacy Policy applies to all applications of 黃景威 (hereafter referred to as this app). Please read the following carefully, and please note that this Privacy Policy will be updated from time to time, and the revised terms will be posted on the website for your reference.

1. The scope of this Privacy Policy
The content of this Privacy Policy, including how this App handles personally identifiable information that is collected when you use this App. The Privacy Policy does not apply to linked websites other than this App, third-party software packages used, or to people who are not entrusted or involved in this app.

2. The collection, processing and utilization of personal data
This app does not collect and record any personal data.

This App has used some third-party packages for statistical analysis and display ads (such as but not limited to Google Firebase, Google Analytics, Unity Analytics, and Google AdMob). The information collected by these packages does not apply to the Privacy Policy of this App. Please refer to the Privacy Policy of these packages.

The other website links provided by this App do not apply to the Privacy Policy of this App. Please refer to the Privacy Policy in the linked website.